Check below to see the available contact details where you can contact smstowin. whatsapp number.

if you want to contact smstowin competition organizer for compliments, complains or questions regarding this Competition, there are numerous ways to contact them.

check below as you will get to see the available contact details and also how to use them.

SMS TO win ETV competition has three available contact details.

there’s no available WhatsApp line for you though there’s a phone number you can call for assistance.

For questions about the show, please email to

Please note that the customer service is very busy during the shows, so we advice to ask your questions by sending it in an email to

to participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

The customer service phone number is 0100545732. Available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

in summary, below are the customer service agent lines to reach out to on any issue related to smstowin Competition.

if you want to participate, or send your answer, SMS w to 39975.

if you have a question or complain, send an email via

if you have a serious issue, call SMStoWIN customer service agent via 0100545732 for special assistance.

you can drop your questions in the comments section Below if you have any questions concerning this Competition.

Smstowin competition online registration.

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The first procedure for participating in this competition is by registering online.

Registration is free.

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If you have any questions concerning this Competition, please drop your questions in the comments section Below for further assistance.


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