etv registration form 2022/2023 – APPLY HERE etv registration form 2022/2023.

Check below to see the registration form for getting started with SMS to win show this season.

The form is available now

there’s a program on ETV for south Africa resident now which is called “SMS to win 39975”.

on this program, you win something by answering some correct questions through SMS.

registration for this program is currently going on, in case you want to register, check below for a complete guide. etv registration form.

the registration is currently going on, you can register through this website.

check below to see some necessary requirements for people who want to register for this program this year.

below are the etv registration form and Requirements for people who want to register for this show.

1. all the people registering must be South African.

this service is for south Africa residents only, if you’re not living in South Africa, you may not be eligible to participate.

2. you must be exactly or above 18 years of age.

this is the age requirement for this program, all participants must be above or exactly 18 years of age.

if you’re below eighteen, your application form may not be approved.

3. no registration fee is needed.

there’s no registration fee for this program, you are not required to make any payment when registering for this program or any other time in there website.

the only money you have to spend on this program is your SMS fee which is R15.

registration form.

if you have known more about this program, you can proceed with the registration form below.

click on the link below to get started with the registration.


NOTE: always remember that this program is free, registration to participate is free, do not make any payment when registering.

important things you need to know about sms win to 39975.

below are one of the essential things you need to know about this program before getting started.

there’s no registration fee for this program but you have to spend money on the SMS you sent.

normally,. SMS fee is around R15, your are not permitted to spend more than R150.

this means that once you sent about 13-12 SMS, you will not be eligible to participate in the current show, you need to wait until they brings up another show. etv live.

this show have been broadcasting in ETV since February this year, you can sign up through the entry/registration form above in order to participate.

many people have been wining on the SMS game.

you can contact ETV or smstowin agent for special assistance concerning this ETV show. etv contact number.

in case you have any questions concerning this show, you can contact their customer service agent through their handle below.

NOTE: you are not required to send your answer to their contacts number, the number their, the contact details there is for you to get special assistance in any area you’re finding difficult in this competition.

For questions about the show, please email to or call this line 0100545732

Please note you may NOT participate or enter into the show via the customer care email.

if you have not registered for the show, you can register through the registration form below.

Please do NOT send the solution to the customer care email address. To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

Smstowintv com login.

you can sign up through the registration form provided above, you need to complete the registration process before you can be able to sign in.

no payment is required when signing up for this game.

NOTE: you can not play this game without completing the registration process, this is what makes you a participant in the show.

check the application Requirements before singing up as there are some certain qualifications you need to possess before you can be eligible to participate in the show.

some of the requirements includes, age requirement and country Requirements

how do i join the etv competition?

in order to participate in this ETV competition, you need to first complete the registration form and sign up.

once you meet up with the general Requirements for playing the game, you can sign up and send an SMS to win your price..

joining ETV competition is free, no sign up fee or registration fee is required.

the only time you can make a payment in this ETV competition is through the SMS charges that may be required by your network provider.

SMStoWIN winners

some people have been asking, how do I know if I win this competition, what if I win this competition how am I going to receive my price?

winners are usually notified through SMS or by direct phone call from ETV competition organizer.

if you win the competition, your price will be safely delivered to you in short time


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