sms to win live

watch the live show of SMStoWIN competition here and compete to win today.

smstowin is a competition that gives you a chance to win money by just Spotting a different in a picture presented to you.

to participate in the competition, there are some certain qualifications required, check below as I will be showing you everything you need concerning this SMStoWIN ETV competition.

please endeavor to read this content till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate in this ongoing SMStoWIN competition on ETV.

sms to win live.

the competition is available every Friday and Saturday night, you can participate by sending an SMS to 39975.

to participate in this SMS competition, you need to register online and then try your luck with SMS.

before registering, let’s look at the requirements and qualifications for participating in this competition.

smstowin competition is available for people who are:

  • above the age of eighteen
  • south Africans or south Africa residents with a valid South Africa ID.
  • users of MTN, telekom or Vodacom service.

to participate in This competition, you need to complete the online registration procedure.

check below for a guide on how to participate in this show.

SMS to win 39975 register online.

if you have seen the requirements and qualifications and you are qualified for participating in this ETV SMStoWIN competition, click on the registration link below to get started by filling out the required details in the online registration form.

click on the form below and get started.


registration for participating in this competition is free.

once you have completed the online application process, the next thing is to compete and try your luck.

smstowin to competition is a legit online competition, thousands of south Africans are winning every week in the competition.

below are the review of this show.

Is SMS to win on etv legit

smstowin competition on ETV is a very legit and easy to win competition.

this competition organizer give out thousands of rands to winners every day.

if you’re thinking that this competition is fake, check below for a clarification and also to see what you need to do in order to participate and win.

procedure to follow in order to participate and win in this SMStoWIN competition.

  • before sending SMS to 39975, complete the online registration procedure first.
  • you are to send the answer to the question to 39975 not to any other number
  • this competition is available for MTN, telekom or Vodacom service users only

you need to reach out to smstowin via for any question concerning the competition, this will help you to know the right way to follow.

you can also check below for a complete review of SMStoWIN ETV competition.


check below to see how to contact smstowin.

SMS to win etv call number

if you have spotted the Answer to the game, SMS w to 39975.

you can also call SMStoWIN customer service agent via their customer service line for special assistance.

check below for the phone number to call.


in case you are unable to connect with the customer service agent, please send an email to




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