SMS competitions South Africa 2022. [CHECK HERE]

SMS competitions South Africa 2022.

there are some SMS competitions for south Africans this year, sign up and win a big price today.

if you’re interested in participating in any of this competitions, I will be showing you a list of most profitable SMS competitions this year.

endeavour to read this article till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful for anyone who want to participate in any SMS to win competition this year.

let’s start by showing you some of the available profitable SMS competitions in South Africa 2022.

SMS competitions In South Africa 2022.

below are a list of some of the SMS competitions you can participate and win a huge price overnight, check the list below

  • Voucher competition
  • SMS to win competition
  • Win a car competition South Africa
  • Unilever competition
  • JIK Competition
  • Aromat competition
  • Aquafresh competition
  • USSD competition
  • Tiger Brands Competition

among all these competitions, I will be showing you the procedure and Requirements for participating in the most profitable competition among them.

these competitions are for south Africans only, you can sign up and play a game in order to win a big price.

check below for a complete guide on how to can participate in this SMS game.

Requirements for participating in SMS competitions in South Africa.

before you can be eligible for participating in SMS to win competition, there are some certain qualifications you need to get.

below are the requirements for participating in any of the show.

  1. you must be exactly or above 18 years of age.
  2. you must be a South African
  3. you need to sign up for you to be able to participate
  4. you must provide a valid cellphone number for communication.
  5. you need to have enough airtime for SMS fee.

once you meet up with these requirements, you can participate and win in any SMS competition.

How do text competitions work?

Text to win competitions have been a regular feature for both TV and radio stations.

you can get started by signing up in the organizer’s website.

Regular audiences can enter competitions, participate in live voting and complete surveys by sending a text message containing a keyword to an easily remembered short code number

SMS to win ETV competition registration and how to play.

register to participate in one of the best SMS competition in South Africa this year.

just like other SMS competitions, smstowin has some Requirements and qualifications, you can check below to see the requirements for participating in this show.


if you meet up with the requirements and qualifications for participating this competition, you can sign up with the application form below.


to play this game, you have to send your answer as an SMS to 39975.

this show is available on ETV every week from Monday to Friday, sign up and win a huge price!

you can check below for special links for participating in SMS to win competition.

SMS to win competition contact details

SMS to win ETV registration form

SMS to win ETV review

how to play and win in SMS competitions.

you can also ask questions below if you have any issue regarding SMS to win competition in South Africa


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