Previous smstowintv winners

SMSTOWIN COMPETITION organiser announces the winners at the end of every competition.

if you have participated in the game, you can check here to know whether you have won in the competition or not.

please endeavor to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate and win in this competition.

Previous smstowintv winners.

below is a list of the latest smstowin competition winners, check your name on the list if you have participated in the game.

also, if you haven’t submitted your contacts details to smstowin, do well by submitting it before 31days to avoid smstowin getting your winning nullified.

check below for the list of the previous winners.
please email your name, address, the telephone number you called the show from and the date you won to For faster processing please write to the subject: “I AM A WINNER”.

Date of Winning Firstname City Amount won
2022-10-16 Under checking Under checking R 10000
2022-10-15 Sanele Newcastle R 10000
2022-10-15 Elizabeth Vredeford R 300
2022-10-15 Dorah Johannesburg R 300
2022-10-15 Under checking Under checking R 200
2022-10-14 Disebo Regina Sasolburg R 5000
2022-10-14 Under checking Under checking R 700
2022-10-14 Modiehi Vanderbijlpark R 600
2022-10-14 Haward Elukwatini R 500
2022-10-14 Stephina North West R 300
2022-10-14 Lucky Pretoria R 10000
2022-10-14 Nicolene Fochville R 700
2022-10-14 Malibongwe Cape Town R 600
2022-10-14 Moeletji Centurion R 500
2022-10-14 Lucia Vanderbijlpark R 400
2022-10-14 Eston Durban R 300
2022-10-08 Nomthandazo East London R 5000
2022-10-08 Siphesihle Pietermaritzburg R 2000
2022-10-08 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-10-08 Taswell Cape Town R 10000
2022-10-08 Sibusiso Soshanguwe R 500
2022-10-08 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-10-08 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-10-07 Willem Vredeford R 5000
2022-10-07 Navashenne Durban R 10000
2022-10-07 Thobekile Johannesburg R 400
2022-10-07 Moeletji Centurion R 300
2022-10-07 Ntomboxolo Saldanha R 200
2022-10-01 Nomaxhosa Cape Town R 10000
2022-10-01 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-10-01 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-09-30 Karabo Pretoria R 10000
2022-09-30 Siphokuhle East London R 600
2022-09-30 Virginia Johannesburg R 600
2022-09-30 Surprise Pretoria R 500
2022-09-24 Malibongwe Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-24 Siyanda Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Bontle Pretoria R 300
2022-09-24 Jabulisile Precious Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Zusiphe Cape Town R 12000
2022-09-24 Kamohelo Krugersdorp R 500
2022-09-24 Zile Klerksdorp R 400
2022-09-24 Xoliswa Audrey Krugersdorp R 300
2022-09-24 Eston Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Nicolene Fochville R 300
2022-09-24 Naison Cape Town R 300
2022-09-24 Brightness Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Ludwick Burgersfort R 300
2022-09-23 Mandisa Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-23 Lihle Secunda R 300
2022-09-23 Malibongwe Cape Town R 11000
2022-09-23 Karabo Pretoria R 400
2022-09-23 Fezeka Rustenburg R 400
2022-09-23 Under checking Under checking R 400
2022-09-23 Sevennah Cape Town R 300
2022-09-23 Tsiu Durban R 300
2022-09-23 Zama Doris Durban R 300

if you’re among these winners, please indicate by sending an email via or by calling the number provided for you above

how to play and win in the smstowin competition.

to participate in This smstowin competition, below are the requirements and procedure to follow.

you can easily win in the game if you follow the appropriate procedure, let’s first look at the requirements and qualifications for participating in this competition.

first, fill out the required details in this entry form below.


Requirements for participating and winning in smstowin.

  • you must register online
  • you need to send an SMS with an approved Telecom service line.
  • you must be above 18 years of age
  • you must be a South African.

in case you don’t know the approved Telecom service line for this competition, check below for a list of the Telecom lines.


if you have seen this Requirements and you are qualified for participating and winning, the let’s get started with how to play.

how to play and win in smstowin etv competition.

to play in this competition, you need to complete the online registration first.

once the competition starts, send SMS w to 39975 and stand a chance to receive a call from SMS to win.

if you luckily become one of the people smstowin competition organizer randomly pick from the list of all the participants that sent an SMS to them, try and spot the right answer and your price will be delivered to you once the game is over for the day.

how to contact smstowin if you win in the game.

if you’re among the winners in the competition, CONTACT SMS to win competition organizer via the email address or phone number provided below.

The customer service phone number is 0100545732, if you’re unable to connect with smstowin via the phone number, the send an email to

for more guide on how to contact smstowin, check below for the instruction.


if you still have any question concerning this SMStoWIN competition, drop your questions or complain in the comments section Below for further assistance

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