customer service contact details – CONTACT HERE.

info@smstowin customer service contact details – contact here.

if you have any question, complain or complement regarding this current smstowin competition on ETV, you can contact the competition organizer through the email address provided for you below.

sms to win is a competition for south Africans, The competition is been broadcasts on ETV.

to participate in this competition, you need to first sign up using the online registration form.

please do well by reading every part of this blog post as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate in this ongoing SMStoWIN ETV competition.

info@smstowin customer service contact details.

if you have any question concerning this SMStoWIN competition, you are advised to contact smstowin via email or by calling this available customer service agent line.

you can only contact smstowin on issue like complain, questions or complement.

If you want to participate in This competition, firstly, fill out the registration form below.


if you have spotted the answer in the competition, you need to send an SMS to 39975 and stand a chance for being among those that smstowin will call.

not all the participants that send W to 39975 will get the opportunity to participate.

if you’re interested in participating in this competition, let’s get started with online registration. online registration.

below you can be able to play and win in this competition, you need to first register online.

the procedure for online registration is very simple, you can follow this guide provided for you Below to get started with the online registration.

procedure to follow in order to register and participate in this SMStoWIN competition.

  • visit smstowin registration portal
  • fill the required details in the entry form.
  • load enough airtime and start playing on the competition. ETV WhatsApp number.

if you’re interested in contacting SMS to win competition organizer via WhatsApp, there is no available WhatsApp line for you now.

you can only call their customer service agent or send an email to

for compliments and complain regarding smstowin competition, reach out to this contact details below contact details.

For questions, complains and complements about the show, please send email via the email address below.

if you want to play in the game, you are to send an SMS to 39975 not this email address.

any answers you sent to will not make you a winner, you need to follow the procedure provided to you on how to play in the game.

you may NOT participate or enter into the show via the customer phone number, To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

The customer service phone number is 0100545732.

this is the phone number you need to reach out to for any issue regarding smstowin competition.

the customer service line is Available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

in case you are unable to connect with the customer service agent through the phone number, you can send an email instead.

NOTE: the customer service is very busy during the shows, so we advice to ask your questions by sending it in an email to

for queries or complain regarding this competition, drop your questions below in the comments section for further assistance

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