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How to check WAEC Result without scratch card

how to check WAEC result without using scratch card. how you can check your WAEC examination Result with out the WAEC exam scratch card. as WAEC finally released the result of this season, Many students have checked their results but some are still yet to check theirs because of scratch […]

How to check WAEC result using phone

How to check 2022 Waec results using a phone in all West African countries. The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), or Senior School Certificate Examination, is an examination written by all the students in the western part of Africa. Due to the different processes it undergoes, the WAEC examination result […]

Held or withheld WAEC result release date

Held or withheld WAEC result release date: see the date WAEC announced to release all the result they held or withheld this year. Are you among those whose WAEC results were held or withheld this year? Are you looking for an update for your friends or family?   I will […]

Outstanding WAEC result release date

outstanding WAEC result release date, see the date WAEC announced to release all the WAEC result they mark outstanding this year Is your results among those showing outstanding results? , I am glad to tell you the release date of all the outstanding WAEC results.   As the information was […]

Outstanding WAEC result, meaning and what you should do.

Outstanding WAEC results, meaning, and release date, check everything you need to know about outstanding WAEC result, the meaning, causes and what you should do if your result is showing outstanding.   There are many issues some candidates may face when checking their WAEC examinatoin results. One of the problems […]

Solution to held and withheld WAEC result

solutionĀ  held and withheld WAEC result, causes and the release date for all held or withheld WAEC result. Check this to see the solution Are you among those whose WAEC results were held this year? Do you have a friend whose result was held or withheld?   Actually, the issue […]

Solution to issue “no Result for this candidate” when checking your WAEC result.

solution to the issue ” no Result for this candidate in this specific exam season” when am trying to check my WAEC examination Result   Some students who tried to check their WAEC result complained that WAEC displays a message showing no result for this candidate whenever they try to […]

How to check 2022 WAEC result

How to CheckĀ  2022 WAEC Result. Are you among those who wrote WAEC this year? I am glad to tell you that your WAEC result is already out.   Are you looking for a way to check your results? I will show you how to check the 2022 WAEC result […]