there’s an ongoing show on ETV every Monday to Friday, this game allows you to win a prize by sending an SMS to 39975.

register and start playing today!

you are qualified for winning on this show once you’re a South African or a South Africa resident.

on this blog post, you will get to see all the necessary informations about ETV competition.

this show is available every week from Monday to Friday, you can participate in the competition by signing up and send your answer to 39975 via SMS.

check below for all the necessary requirements and qualifications and also how you can play this game and win.

you will also get to see the contact number you need to reach out to if you need a special assistance concerning this topic.

endeavour to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who is interested in participating in this SMS to win ETV competition.

let’s begin with the requirements and contact details first. etv contact number

below are the contact details you need to reach out to for any issue regarding your ETV competition show

for enquires, complain or complement concerning this SMS to win show.

this is the official customer service agent line that will be available to attend to your needs.

call: 0100545732.

in case you have any question concerning this show, please contact etv competition organizer or customer service agent through this number above.

you should know that this is not a free call, normal charges will be applied.

in case you couldn’t get in contact with this number, you can as well send an email to this address below.

please don’t send your answer or your games solution to this number provided above, the line is there for enquires, complains and complements, and for providing special assistance to participants.


For questions about the show, please email to

this email address is the best option for you if you’re contacting for a low priority issue, the call option may not be available as many people will be trying to get in contact with a customer service agent Everytime and you know that the agent can only attend to one client per session.

you are to send only your complains and questions regarding the show, do not send the solution for the game through this details above.

the only place you can send your answer is as an SMS to 39975.

as you have seen the contact details above, you can reach out to them for more guidance and support.

let’s look at the general Requirements for participating in this game below etv how to play.

you can sign up and start playing today.

to participate in this SMS to win competition, you need to first sign up on SMS to win official website below is a brief description of how you can play this game.

there will be a task where you are to find the correct answer, if you guess the answer correct, you stand a chance to win a big price.

you can participate by sending your answer as an SMS to this short code “39975”.

once the show is over, winners will be announced so you can know whether you won or not.

there are some contact details provided above which you can follow and get in contact with SMS to win customer service agent, do not send your answer to those number as they are only there to give you assistance.

when playing this game, the money you are to spend is the SMS fee.

there are limit for each game, you can not play above the limit per day.

SMS to win competition is a legit competition, once you play and win in the game, your price will be delivered to you within one day.

to play the game, sign up below and check the available task then send your solution as an SMS to 39975 .


as I told you earlier, there are some certain qualifications, Requirements needed before you can be eligible for participating in the game.

if you can’t participate, check below to see whether you meet up with all the requirements.

  • you must be 18 years old and above.

to maintain normal rules, SMS to win competition is available only for those exactly or above 18 years.

you can not participate in the competition if you’re underage.

before you can participate, you need to sign up with another person’s details ( parents or friends ) who is above the required age.

if you tried to sign up and the application wasn’t successful, this age requirement may be the reason for the declined application.

  • you must be a South African.

this competition is available for south Africans or south Africa residents only.

for some reasons, the competition organizer is yet to open branches in other countries.

if you’re not a South African or you’re not in South Africa, your application may be cancelled due to country Requirements.

it’s hard to deliver the winning prize to a winner across south Africa, that’s why it is made compulsory that all participants must be South Africa resident.

  • you need to have SMS to win account.

this is also among the major requirements for participating in the show, you must fill out the application form first and receive an approval reply before participating.

playing the game without registration or without opening and validating your SMS to win account is a waste of time.

creating an account is the first step to take.

  • enough airtime.

you need enough airtime for SMS charges.

the only place you’re to make a payment if you’re participating in this competition is your SMS fee.

  • a valid contact details.

you must provide a valid phone number or email address they can easily reach out to you.

in case you become a winner, they can easily get in contact with you through your contact number.

these are the requirements for participating in the game, if you meet up with all of them, click on the sign up link below to get started.

check below to see a registration form and a list of some of the winners in the previous competition result

registration form.

click and register below to get started with the competition.


fill out the application form first and check whether you will be approved or not.

of course if you meet up with the requirements provided above, your application will be approved immediately.

NOTE: registration for participating in SMS to win competition is free, no registration fee is required.

once you register and get approved, you can start participating in the competition.

in case of disapproval when you register, you can reach out to SMS to win customer service Agent through their customer service number or email address for special assistance.

always beer in mind that this competition is for south Africans or south Africa residents only.

operating hours.

SMS to win competition is only available during the working days.

the show is live from Monday to Friday every week since February.

on Saturday and Sunday, the competition is normally unavailable, also you can not contact any customer service agent on Sunday or Saturday.

available period, Monday-friday, 8 AM- 11PM.

SMS TO WIN COMPETITION in South Africa 2022.

there are still some other available competition for south Africans today, Check these competitions below and give any of theme a try.

  • Aromat competition
  • Aquafresh competition
  • USSD competition
  • Tiger Brands Competition
  • Voucher competition
  • Win a car competition South Africa
  • Unilever competition
  • JIK Competition

just like smstowin, these competitions have some certain qualifications and Requirements though they are almost the same.

you must be a South African resident or a South African before you can be eligible for participating.

you also need to create account first before you can be eligible for sending your SMS.

on the next section, we are going to show you the winners of the previous show result.

coming soon!

you can ask questions below if you have any issue regarding SMS to win competition etv winners

Date of Winning Firstname City Amount won
2022-09-18 Willlem Vredeford R 500
2022-09-17 Geraldine Polokwane R 500
2022-09-17 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-09-17 Prishani Tongaat R 200
2022-09-17 Masala Louis Trichardt R 20000
2022-09-17 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-09-17 Nthabiseng Johannesburg R 400
2022-09-17 John Johannesburg R 200
2022-09-16 Siyabonga East London R 10000
2022-09-16 Kulase Qwa Qwa R 1000
2022-09-16 Donovan Durban R 20000
2022-09-16 Masothole Newcastle R 500
2022-09-16 Sevennah Cape Town R 500
2022-09-16 Malibongwe Cape Town R 500
2022-09-16 Luyanda Durban R 500
2022-09-16 Mpepo Ishmael Under checking R 500
2022-09-10 Karabo Pretoria R 7000
2022-09-10 Reniele Pretoria R 500
2022-09-10 Maruatona Polokwane R 500
2022-09-10 Willlem Vredeford R 20000
2022-09-10 Sibuyile Uitenhage R 12000
2022-09-10 Merriam Estcourt R 1000
2022-09-09 Malibongwe Cape Town R 10000
2022-09-09 Thabiso Umlazi R 20000
2022-09-09 Ndimano Soweto R 800
2022-09-09 Mbuso Mbombela R 800
2022-09-09 Masutane Soekmekaar R 700
2022-09-09 Zoleka Umlazi R 700
2022-09-09 Gladyse Pretoria R 500
2022-08-27 Navashenne Durban R 9000
2022-09-04 Paulina Soshanguve R 2000
2022-09-03 Zusiphe Cape Town R 10000
2022-09-03 Pula Witbank R 2000
2022-09-03 Jabulisile Precious Durban R 20000
2022-09-03 Olwethu Johannesburg R 1500
2022-09-03 Neo Emalahleni R 1500
2022-09-03 Lucia Vanderbijlpark R 800
2022-09-03 Dieketseng Portia Free State R 500
2022-09-03 Siyabonga Johannesburg R 400
2022-09-02 Wisani Tsaneen R 10000
2022-09-02 Scelo Durban R 1500
2022-09-02 Lebohang Johannesburg R 1000
2022-09-02 Sphiwe KwaThema R 1000
2022-09-02 Lerato Pretoria West R 20000
2022-09-02 Linda Cape Town R 1500
2022-09-02 Philane Soweto R 1000
2022-09-02 Azande Durban R 500
2022-09-02 Karabo Pretoria R 500
2022-08-27 Navashenne Durban R 1000
2022-08-27 Malibongwe Cape Town R 20000
2022-08-27 Phumelele Durban R 1000
2022-08-27 Willlem Vredeford R 1000
2022-08-27 Malibongwe Cape Town R 800
2022-08-27 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-08-26 Khomotso Pretoria R 10000
2022-08-26 Stephina North West R 1500
2022-08-26 Surprise Pretoria R 800
2022-08-26 Kelvin Cape Town R 500
2022-08-26 Nthabiseng Welkom R 20000
2022-08-26 Zusiphe Cape Town R 200
2022-08-26 Ayabonga Cape Town R 200

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