SMS to win 39975 ETV everything you should know about the game.

there’s a show on ETV every Monday to Saturday which requires peoples to play a game and win the available prices.

this show have been available since February 2022 on ETV.

below, I will be showing you everything you may need to know concerning SMS win to 39975.

I will also show you how to register for the game if you’re interested in their show.

endeavour to read this till the end as all the information provided will be helpful to any person who is interested or who is already participating in SMS win to 39975 game.

SMS to win 39975 registering [2022].

if you’re interested in participating in the game, below are the requirements for , qualifications you need to attain before you can be eligible for getting accepted into the program.

  • age requirement.

you must be exactly or above 18 years of age, this means, the game is not available for people of below 18 years.

if you’re below this age requirement, you may not be accepted to participate in the game.

the game is free, if you’re above 18, you can give it a try.

  • residence

The Promotion is open solely to legal residents in South Africa, you must be a South African before you can be eligible for participating in the game.

users from other countries are not accepted.

  •  zero registration fee.

there’s no registration fee for this game, you are not required to make any payment for this game either on their website or anywhere else apart from the SMS fee you spend. etv registration form.

if you’re interested in participating in the show, below is the registration form you need to fill out before getting started.

always bear in mind that this registration is free of charge.

Entering Via the Internet

Visit SMS to win registration portal and follow the instructions to register for free during any Registration Period. You may only register during the live show. You will be required to provide a South African land line and/or cell phone number (including area code) where you wish to be contacted by the Promoter, along with your full name. All information collected on-line is subject to Sponsor’s Privacy Policy found at

click on the link below to start with the registration.


if you have registered for the game, below I will be briefing for you how to play this game.

it’s simple though some people are still finding it difficult to play.

 How to play SMS to win 39975 game.

You must register for each Round separately. Registration received for any Round will not be carried forward to subsequent Rounds.

as you already know, No purchase is necessary and no entry fee will be charged in order for you to register to become eligible to become a Contestant and participate in the Round.

However, you will be charge for service by the service provider of the mode of communication you choose to use to enter.

SMS to win winners notification

Prize winners will be notified on air and via telephone or SMS. For purposes of the Program, the “authorized account holder” of a phone is the natural person in whose name the phone number has been issued and to whom the services are billed.

SMS to win 39975 registration and other important things

For questions about the show, please check the contact address

Please note you may NOT participate or enter into the show via the customer care email. Please do NOT send the solution to the customer care email address. To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

The customer service phone number is available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Click below to contact or get SMS to win show contact address.


Please do NOT call with the solution to the customer care number. To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on.

SMS to win 39975 review, legit or scam

We have received numerous positive and negative reviews about this service.

On complain board, some users complained about their experience with this game while other shared their good news.

People concluding on this review, it’s better you try it and see for yourself as the registration fee is free

Below are some of the negative reviews we received

I never knew the game it’s a scam😭💔, My R40 airtime is gone as I write this message ryt now 💔, I’m heart broken 💔 😢. People please be aware, the SMS WIN game SHOW it’s REALLY a SCAM I repeat SCAM😭.To my side the things that made research about it is that ” How can I not be chosen whereas there’s no one who’s on the call with the host”💁‍♂️ and ” YY those people who win the money on the T.v show (SMS WIN show) not expressing joy feelings after speaking the right answer “💁‍♂️ so PLEASE PLEASE don’t fall on their TRICKS It’s enough Those people are making millions from us whereas we’re suffering 😭😭💔.

Guys this sms to win game is not right at all. Everything of it is just fake guys!I’ve been sending sms to that number but they keep telling me that I was so close to be chosen.How can someone who spend R15.00 get R19000.00 just like that.Well for me it’s enough I’ve lost enough money to it , How can I not be chosen whereas there’s no one who’s on the call with the host. This show must be banned guys because those people are making millions from us whereas we’re suffering here.

We understand that this kind of game is not a win win for everyone, we have received thousands of positive feedback from people about this show also.

You can give it a try before jumping to conclusions

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