when will MTN, Airtel and Glo unblock our sim cards ” blocked sim unblock date”

when will MTN, Airtel and Glo unblock our some cards ” blocked sim unblock date”

are you among those whose sim got barred due to failure to do the required things?,

have you done the required linking but yet to see your sim card Active?.

As Telecom companies decided to block sim peoples sim card from making calls, am pretty sure you must have known the reason your sim card can’t make calls.

here, I will explain to you the release date or the unblock date for your blocked sim card for all networks either MTN network, Airtel Network, Glo network, 9mobile network and others.

I will also show you the fastest approach to tackle this sim card blocked issue.


when is MTN, Airtel and Glo unblocking my sim card if I have done the required linking?


if you are among those who have finally succeeded in linking as federal government instructed,

you will get your sim active again, do not worry.

if you have linked your NIN with your sim, the unblock date for your sim card varies between a range of 6 to 24 hours, within this period, your sim will become active again.

this is for those that have gotten their national ID card and have linked the number in the card with their phone sim card number.

for those who are yet to get their national ID card, your own is different.


sim card unblock date for those who haven’t link their NIN with their Sim card.


if you’re among those who are yet to get their required national ID card or you have it but you cannot use it due to invalid NIN issue,

this information is for you to know the date MTN network, Airtel Network and Glo network set to unlock your Sim card for you.

if you have not linked your NIN with your sim, the net for unlocking your sim by all Nigeria Telecom companies has not yet been released.

I will update this post once they release the date for unlocking the Sims of those that couldn’t do the required task.

I urge you to try as hard as you can in order to comply with the government and Nimc rules.

meanwhile, if the reason for not linking your documents with your NIN is because you don’t have NIN, you might have national ID card but you don’t know.

check the next section and see how to get your NIN without going to Nimc office.


easiest way to go on linking your ID with your sim.


as I said before, the procedure to follow in order to get a fully functional national ID card is not too difficult, it’s just that you have to try to get it or you don’t know the easiest way.


how to get NIN from BVN.

I don’t think you know this but the amazing fact is; if you have opened a Bank account or you have a bank verification number ( BVN ) you might have your NIN by now.

as from 2014, NIN is working hand to hand in collaboration with BVN.

if you have a BVN, use the sim card which you used on getting the BVN and type this USSD code

*346#, your eleven digit NIN will show up.

this is for those who have a bank verification number.

use this and Link your sim, within three to twenty four hour.

NOTE: you have to validate your NIN if you get it from this method before you start using it to verify anything or to unlock your Sim card.

for validation procedure, check the next section.

if your own reason why you haven’t link your ID number to unlock your Sim is because of invalid nin, check below.


invalid NIN.

if the reason why your sim card is yet to be linked with your ID number is because of invalid national identification number, you can validate it Free on your own and use it for any kind of deal.

also, if you get your ID number through your BVN, you also have to validate it and start start using it.

to validate your NIN free without paying anyone, check the procedure on the link below.



frequently asked questions about blocked sim card unblock date.


here are most of the questions people ask concerning their locked sim card and the date when MTN, Airtel and Glo are going to release it.


when is MTN going to unlock my NIN?.


if you are yet to do the required task, your sim is locked until further notice.

MTN has not release the date for unlocking any sim Wich is not yet link with NIN.

how long does it take for my sim card to unlock if I link my NIN with it?.

if you have succeeded in linking your NIN with your sim, wait for four to twenty four hours and your sim will unlock.



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  1. My MTN sim has been damage unfortunately i went for retrieve but they are telling me I have link up 5 sim card number to my nin which is true I provide three number for them which is real that I link it with my nin since all this nimc did not permitted me to retrieve my line I have go so many stress since three days ago and this my damage sim is my hot line:09063866593 with nin number 17004266612 please assist me in any way


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