All WAEC alternate examinations you should know

All WAEC alternate examinations every students should know.

WAEC alternate examinations for students are alternative exams that give you the same certificate as WAEC.


Are you among those whose WAEC result had any issues, or are you among those that couldn’t write the WAEC examination for one reason or the other?


There is still a great chance for you to obtain your senior school certificate examination as WAEC and other senior school certificate managements have approved other alternative means for those who are in this condition.


With this WAEC alternative examination, you can possibly achieve everything you need, just as you can with WAEC.


The Ministry of Education has fully approved these WAEC alternatives to replace WAEC certificates in any place they’re needed.


Let’s see those alternative exams, their requirements for writing them, and more helpful information you may need about them.

What are those WAEC alternative exams?


There are three alternative exams candidates can write to replace their WAEC result. Most students only know one of these three, as one of them is becoming very popular just like WAEC. The truth is, these three examination certificates play the same role, have the same value, and can be used to replace WAEC certificate in many areas.

These exams are

  •  NECO SSCE examination
  •  WAEC GCE examinatoin and
  • NECO GCE examinaton.

Let me now explain to you some Important information about this examinatoin.


NECO SSCE examination; historical requirements and other important information.

NECO is a body that conducts senior school certificate examinations in Nigeria.


Just like WAEC is conducting the examination in West Africa, Nigeria’s ministry of education established NECO to conduct this senior school certificate examination for students who are about to finish their secondary school.


The WAEC and NECO are two similar but different examinatoin boards in Nigeria. The way both boards conduct this senior school certificate examination is similar, though the host and organizers differ.

The NECO board emulated the WAEC board’s style in most of the things they do in the exam; the way they organize the exam, the way they set exam questions and many more other things.


The only difference between WAEC SSCE and NECO SSCE is that WAEC SSCE is conducted by the West Africa examination board while that of NECO SSCE is conducted by the Nigeria examination board. Because of this, the NECO SSCE examination can only perform the functions of the WAEC examination in Nigeria.


If you’re Nigeria-based and you’re looking for a WAEC examination alternative, NECO SSCE is the best option as it represents the WAEC SSCE examination certificate in every aspect in Nigeria.


requirements for the NECO SSCE examination.


In one of my previous posts, I detailed the requirements for the NECO SSCE examination, how the registration is done, the items required and the examination date.


If you don’t know the requirements, check this link below to read them.


Now let’s move to the second alternative which can replace your WAEC examination certificate.


WAEC GCE examinatoin; historical, requirements and examinatoin date.

The WAEC GCE examinatoin, also known as the WAEC private exam, was established by the WAEC examinatoin board to help candidates who have any error or problem in their WAEC senior school certificate examination correct it there.


The requirements for the WAEC general certificate examinatoin are the same as those for WAEC. The only difference here is that you have to do everything on your own, as you are not writing it under the supervision of your school principal.


You can check the requirements here as it’s the same thing with WAEC SSCE requirements.


The third examinatoin which alternate WAEC is NECO GCE


All you need to know about this NECO GCE exam.


NECO, like WAEC, has introduced another exam to assist students who had deficiencies in their NECO SSCE results; this exam, known as NECO GCE, is a general certificate examinatoin organized by the NECO body.


This exam result can replace your NECO result in any place in Nigeria if you score really well in it.

NECO GCE is also called NECO examination for private candidate.

What is the best alternative to the WAEC Senior School Certificate Examination?


 which is the best among these three Examinatoin?

For students who are Nigeria-based, the best and easiest WAEC alternative examinatoin is NECO SSCE, this examinatoin is written within the same period they write WAEC SSCE, you do not have to prepare again in terms of reading as the exam starts few weeks after WAEC senior school certificate examination ends.


For students who wish to study in any other places outside Nigeria, the best alternative is WAEC GCE, though the examination is very tough, unlike WAEC and NECO, because most of the people who partake in this exam must have written WAEC SSCE and failed for various reasons, which is mostly examinatoin malpractice.


The third exam, which is the NECO GCE, can only be recommended if there’s no other way out.


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