Reasons for Lagos State rapid development

What made Lagos State the most developed state in Nigeria?

Some people are seriously asking, why is Lagos State the most developed state in Nigeria?

Fortunately, there is a sensible reason for this massive development in Lagos State which I will show you here.

In the ancient history of Nigeria, Lagos State was the most developed state in the country.


This state is recognized in almost all parts of Africa because it is a commercial and industrial center in Africa.


Lagos State is the centre for the majority of immigrants coming to Nigeria.

Most Developed parts of Lagos State

The state has many beautiful places that make it a wonderful state to live in.

Some of the most beautiful places in Lagos are as follows:


  • Lagos Island
  • Jara Beach Resort.
  • Sencillo Lagos
  • Tropicana Campagne
  • Hov Beach Resort
  • Tarkwa Bay
  • Beach Club for the Wet
  • Kamp Ikare
  • Laguna Beach
  • Inagbe Grand Resort
  • Landmark Beach
  • Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate
  • Epe Resort and Spa,
  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Epe Mangroves
  • Terra Kulture
  • Nike Gallery of Art
  • Bogobiri House
  • Jazz Hole
  • Upbeat
  • Omu Resort
  • Bee and Rufus
  • Lagos Mainland
  • Jaekel House
  • Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park.
  • Badagry.
  • Jhalobia
  • Shodex Gardens.


If you are traveling across this places listed above, there isĀ  no different between those places and foriegn countries.


The reason behind Lagos State’s development


Lagos State’s development can be traced to this two things.

  • excellent transportation link to foriegn countries
  • Its position as the first federal capital territory of Nigeria.


Though Lagos is a developed state, there are still some parts of Lagos that are undeveloped, but you cannot compare Lagos State to any other state in Nigeria.


Some of the developed parts of Lagos include Ikoyi, Lekki, Maryland, Banana Island, Ikeja, Badagry, Alaba international market and many others


Lagos State’s position on the map is one of the factors that contributed positively to its rapid increase in development.


Looking at the geographical position of Lagos, the state is located in the southern part of Nigeria, Lagos State shares a border with Benin Republic and Atlantic ocean.


The main transport link that contributes actively to the development of Lagos State is transport through the Atlantic Ocean.

When emigrants from southern America, northern America, Canada, and some other foreign countries travel to Africa through the Atlantic Ocean, when they reach Nigeria, they first reside in Lagos State, Nigeria.


These people build their industries in the state. This makes Lagos a center for commercial activities even from the ancient times.


Due to the presence of foreign people in Lagos State, business people travel from various parts of Nigeria to Lagos trying to grow this business in the perfect place.


Lagos State position as the country’s federal capital


Due to Lagos State’s easy transport links to foreign countries, when the Colonia masters that colonised Nigeria came into the country, they found Lagos State as the best place to be the capital of Nigeria.


In the year 1914, when Lord lugard amalgamated the northern and the southern regions, Lagos State became the Federal capital of Nigeria.


During this period that Lagos served as the federal capital, the government specialized in developing Lagos more than any other state in Nigeria. During this period, many Nigerians migrated to Lagos State, as it was the most developed part of Nigeria at that time.


Lagos State was the capital of Nigeria from 1914-1991 when the position was removed and moved to Abuja.


The main reason the government changed the capital of Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja is to ensure adequate security for government properties.


Nigerians believe that the leaders can easily launder their national money and travel to foreign countries without any disturbance if Lagos continues to be the capital of the states.


That’s why they moved it to Abuja, which is located at the center of Nigeria.


Another factor that contributed to the development of Lagos State is the Biafra war.

During the Nigeria Biafr.a war, many people from the northern and southern parts of Nigeria moved to the south, as the war mostly affected the southern and northern parts.


The people that managed to migrate to Lagos during the war were mostly the richest people of that time. They later established their businesses in Lagos as they found it as the safest place to live in Nigeria.


rate of development in Lagos State.


Lagos State is the smallest state in Nigeria in terms of land area, but it’s the most developed due to the factors we explained above.


Check out the rate of development of Lagos State.

Lagos State’s GDP grows at a rate of 4.5 percent per year.

The population of Lagos in 2000 and 2021 was 7,000,018 and 16,536,018 respectively.

Lagos State is the fastest growing state in Africa and is among the top ten fastest growing states in the world.


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