NECO examination requirements and preparation

NECO examination requirements and preparation.


The NECO examination is a senior school certificate examination conducted by the Nigeria Ministry of Education.


Unlike WAEC, the NECO examination is only for Nigerians.


NECO is a very important examination as you can use it to replace your WAEC result in many areas, e.g., when searching for a job, when writing UTME, when applying for admission, or any other place that requires you to verify yourself as a senior school certificate degree holder.


Here I will be giving you all the information you need about the NECO examination, how to register, where to register, and how to prepare for it.


requirements for registering for the NECO examination.


Here is the list of the things required by the board of NECO for any student who wishes to write a NECO examination.


  • 1. You must be in your senior year of high school.


The NECO examination is only available for students in their SS3 class. Students in any other class below SS3 will not be allowed to register for this examination.


  • 2. You must be a Nigerian citizen.

The NECO examination is only available for students in Nigeria.

Unlike WAEC, which is available in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, and Sierraleone, NECO is only for Nigerians.


You must identify yourself as a Nigerian before you are eligible to write this NECO examination.

Registration Requirements for NECO 2022



  • Compulsory biometric capture.


This is done in your NECO registration center. It’s done by taking your finger print and scanning the data.


This is also called thumb and face scanning.


Compulsory biometric capture will cost the candidate one thousand naira when doing it.


  • Provision of NECO courses


All NECO students are required to provide the subject they wish to write on in the examination.


Unlike WAEC, the subjects written by NECO candidates range from eight to nine. WAEC made their own nine subjects, so you can either choose eight or nine subjects in NECO.


The following are the topics you will be writing about in your national education council, or “NECO.”


The board of NECO has made it compulsory for all students to write the English language, mathematics and one other Nigerian language study.


  • 4 copies of the passport photograph


You are required to provide four copies of your passport to the NECO examination registration board.


The passport will be used just like the one you submitted to the WAEC board.


One will be used to attach to your NECO scratch card, your school will hold one, and the NECO examination board will hold one for identification purposes.


  • The candidate’s address & Maiden/Guardian Names.


You are required to provide your complete address, both residential and origin and place of birth.


You are also required to provide your guardian’s full name.




  • A valid email address.


All the candidates must provide a valid email address. This is mainly for communication purposes.




This email address will be used by the NECO examination board of directors to notify you of any updates and news regarding your NECO result.




  • Local Government Areas and States of OriginĀ 


You must provide an identification letter proving your residency in the local government area and state you claim to be from.


You can get a local government area and a state of origin letter from your local government head office.


This letter will help them fully verify your profile.


preparation for writing the NECO examination.


For students planning to take the NECO exam this year, here is a comprehensive guide on what you need to do to achieve a high score.


A complete guide on how to prepare for the NECO examination


The NECO examination is just like the WAEC. If you want to pass the exam, follow these rules.


1. Complete your studies on time.


For NECO students, you shouldn’t wait until you enter into SS 3 before you start reading for the examination.


As a result, your preparation should begin at least with SS 1.


early preparation is very important for any kind of examination, prepare for NECO examination in time and see it yourself, the exam is very easy.


2. Go over previous questions.


The NECO examination started in the year 1999. If you can manage to get all the past questions and study them, there is no way you will not pass your examination with a very good result.


Success is yours if you can effectively study your previous questions.


You can download the past questions online or purchase a copy from the market.


3. read with zeal.


When studying for the NECO examination, Read like a hungry reader.


When studying for the exam, never get tired of reading.


4. Research the NECO exam syllabus.


The NECO examination management board wants to help students pass the examination by providing them with a complete syllabus for every year’s examination.


You can download the syllabus as a PDF online and NECO will set an examination according to the scheme in the syllabus.


If you can manage to cover all the schemes in the syllabus, success is for you.


5. Do not rely on exposure.


This may sound irritating to some students, but truth be told, do not depend on expo for any examination you wish to write, be it WAEC or NECO.


Yes, it is possible, but to be safe, do not rely on the expo for any examples.

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