Monica Ugwuanyi’s biography, early life, net worth and children

Monica ugwuanyi’s biography, early life, Education, occupation, husband and networth.

All you need to know about Enugu state governor’s wife. Her biography, Networth and early life


Monica ugwuanyi also know as ugochi ugwuanyi is a Nigerian politician, and also the wife of Enugu state governor ifeanyi gburugburu ugwuanyi

Monica ugwuanyi was born on at Orba, Nsukka in Enugu state of Nigeria


Early life

Monica ugwuanyi was born and raised up as a kid at Orba Nsukka, Enugu state of Nigeria





She entered University of Nigeria Nsukka ( UNN ), there she studied political science as a serious student, she graduated with first class position And served her one year youth service in Nigeria.

Occupation and business careers

Monica ugwuanyi ventured into politics after studying political science in University of Nigeria Nsukka

She became the one of the woman leader of Orba community few years after completing her national youth service program.

As an educated woman, she held many local position Monica ugwuanyi became active when she got married to governor of Enugu state His excellence Dr ifeanyi ugwuanyi .

As a kind hearted woman, she is playing an important role to ensuring that the poor receives the amount of the love they deserve by creating a charity organization that helps the less privileged to fully exercise their right without any oppression from the richer ones.



Monica ugwuanyi was married to his excellence ifeanyi ugwuanyi the governor of Enugu.

Gburugburu was the 2015 elected governor of Enugu state

As a good governor that attends to the need of the people, he later won the 2019 governor election.

Before gburugburu become the governor, he was a member of the Nigeria house of assembly for a long time

Gburugburu was born at Ohom Orba,in Nsukka, Enugu state of nigeria

He studied at University of Nigeria Nsukka and later transferred to anambra state to venture into business until he entered politics


Net worth

Let’s check the current wealth statue of Mrs Monica ugwuanyi.

A person’s wealth can be estimated by checking the valuable properties own by the individual, investments and his/her current account balance.

Monica ugwuanyi is one of the most famous & also most richest woman in Nsukka.

Before she became active in politics, Monica ugwuanyi ventured into many business, as a wife to ifeanyi ugwuanyi, you should just be imagining how Rich she was.

Monica ugwuanyi net worth is not currently reveled to the public but looking at the figure in his biographical data, we concluded that she might be among the top ten richest woman in Enugu state.


Ifeanyi ugwuanyi have more than one thousand ship around Nigeria

Monica owns many properties, cars and many others.

She’s currently one of the wealthiest woman in Enugu state.

The details for her net worth has not been updated but through looking at this overlays above, she is one of the wealthiest woman Enugu state.



Ugochi ugwuanyi ( Monica ugwuanyi) was a good woman by nature.

She had contributed positively towards protecting the welfare of the people.

Monica ugwuanyi created an organization that helps to ensure that the less privileged can exercise their right fully without any oppression or disturbance from anyone.

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