How to generate NIN from bank verification number ( BVN )

how to get NIN from BVN ( bank verification number )

this is how you can generate your national identification number from your bank verification number free without spending a dime.

many people have been struggling to generate their NIN though the process is always stressful, here’s the simplest method you can follow in order to get your NIN and use it for any verification purposes.

I advise you to read this till the end to see how you can get your NIN from BVN.

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how to get Bank verification number “BVN” for your NIN.


bvn is a code or number, owns by everyone who is doing a transaction through the bank.

here we mean anybody that have a bank account automatically have gotten a BVN.

how to check your BVN using USSD code.

there’s a code you can use to check your BVN online, all the Banks in Nigeria are currently using *5650# as the code for checking your BVN online.


how to get your NIN through bank verification number “BVN”


here are the methods and procedure to follow in order to get your National identification number through your BVN, the major method is generating your NIN through BVN online though there’s still another method; check below.


how to get NIN from a bank verification number “BVN” using a USSD code.


to get your NIN through BVN, on your phone, dial *346#, your eleven NIN digit will show up.

to make sure you are doing it the right way, dial *5650# using the phone number you used when opening your first bank account; this is to confirm whether your BVN is still intact with the sim card.


before utilizing this NIN you generate from a bank verification number “BVN” using a USSD code, make sure you VALIDATE IT.


how to get NIN from BVN through Nimc office.


dial *5650# and get your BVN number, go to any Nimc enrollment center in your area and submit your BVN to workers there.

they will help you generate and validate your NIN through your bank verification number.


Ways of treating NIN generated from BVN before using it.


Nimc and government have been telling anyone who generates their NIN through BVN to validate it before using.

In the case of validating an NIN, you can do this by downloading the official Nimc mobile app or going to any Nimc enrollment center near you.

you can read more about how you can validate your NIN free through this text below.



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