How to check WAEC result using phone

How to check 2022 Waec results using a phone in all West African countries.

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), or Senior School Certificate Examination, is an examination written by all the students in the western part of Africa.

Due to the different processes it undergoes, the WAEC examination result takes more than four years before the original result certificate reaches the owner.

The board of directors of the senior school certificate (SSCE) has made it easy for students to see their results and use the ordinary certificate for any kind of verification, like seeking a job or seeking admission into a higher institution, without waiting for a complete four-year period for the original certificate to arrive.

Some students are currently having difficulty checking their examination results using their mobile phones; I will show you the step-by-step procedure to follow when checking your WAEC result on your phone.


method of checking my WAEC results via phone


There are currently three methods of checking WAEC results through your mobile phone. They are

  • via the WAEC redirect website
  • through SMS and
  • through the WAEC result checker app


Among all these methods, the SMS method is the simplest, though it requires a small amount of money. The WAEC redirect website is free, though the traffic to the website is always too much, making it load very slowly.

The WAEC result checker app is not that recommended.


How do I check my WAEC exam results on my phone?


As I am saying, it’s now very simple to check your West Africa examination result or senior school certificate examination result using your mobile phone or computer.


step-by-step procedure for checking my WAEC result on the phone.


  • Open your phone browser app, either Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, Google Browser, or any other browser you are using.


  • Alternatively, you can enter it directly here:, which will display the WAEC checking dashboard for you and prompt you to begin filling out the form.


  • Enter your WAEC examination number in the required column. (Your examination number can be found on your WAEC card, which your school gives you.)


  • Select the examination year, which is the 2022 examination.


  • Select your examination type,H you already know the examination result type you are looking for. Just click on the option with SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT.


  • Enter the card’s serial number: You can easily identify the serial number if you have your WAEC card.


  • Enter the card’s PIN: Just like the serial number, the card PIN is found at the bottom of your WAEC card. It contains the alphabet, numbers, and the name card PIN, showing fully that it’s the PIN.


  • Click submit.

When you have entered all this required information into the waecdirect portal, click submit, and you will get your WAEC result within a few seconds, free of charge.


How to check my WAEC result using WAEC Mobile app


The board of WAEC also approved the checking of WAEC results using an app, “WAEC result checker app.”

The app is currently available on all app store platforms. You can check your WAEC result using the WAEC result checker app through this procedure.


I’ll walk you through the process of checking my WAEC result on my phone using the WAEC mobile app.


Open your app store, any app store of your choice, Google Play, Palmstore, or any other one.


  • Look for the WAEC result checker app.


  • Follow the same procedure we explained for the WAEC redirect website to get your result within a few seconds.


Procedure for checking WAEC results through phone SMS


Here is the easiest way. Though you have to spend a small amount of money, you can easily check your WAEC result. Even with an ordinary phone that doesn’t have access to the internet, this service of checking your WAEC result using your mobile number SMS method costs Naira 30 only.


This is the easiest way if you follow the right procedure.


Step-by-step instructions for checking my WAEC results via phone SMS.


Here is the simple way.

  • Open your mobile phone and navigate to the SMS app. You can find the SMS app in different places depending on the type of phone you are using.


  • Click on “Create New Message.” The recipient of this message is 32327. Write it correctly without making any mistakes.


  • Send your WAEC card details in the format below. WAEC* examno* weacpin* examyear


  • WAEC*4523532344*123453443*2022), for example.

Thirty naira will be deducted from your phone once you send the message. Within a few seconds, your WAEC result will be sent to you in the form of an SMS by 32327.

FAQ by some students concerning WAEC result

Here are some questions students ask concerning checking their WAEC Result online through their mobile phone

Is there any difference between my WAEC result that I checked using my phone and the original WAEC result that I am going to receive from my school?


Some students asked this question to confirm whether there was any difference between the WAEC result they received directly from the WAEC office and the one they checked over the phone; the answer is, in general, no.

TheWAEC result you receive through the WAEC office will differ from the one you checked using your mobile phone only in terms of beautification, but the actual data in the results remains the same.


The result you get through your phone will look like an ordinary paper or even a screenshot, but the original WAEC result will be in a beautifully packaged file though.


You can use both results for anything that requires you to bring your WAEC result.

If you find this helpful or you have any question, comment below.

This is how you can check your WAEC result via phone.

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