Why is my WAEC result showing result held “withheld” when am checking it?

why is my WAEC result showing withheld?.
many candidates WAEC result is showing with held due to one reason or the other,
in this post, I will explain to you the reason for held WAEC result and the solution to follow in order to get your WAEC result.
here is what we are going to discuss.
why is my WAEC result showing with held?,
when is WAEC going to release the held results?,
what can I do to avoid this issue of held WAEC result?,
solution to held WAEC result.
what will happen when WAEC finally release my held WAEC examination Result.

what is the meaning of this statement “your WAEC result is withheld” ?

are you among those that haven’t receive their WAEC Result?
if you’re WAEC result is showing withheld when you check it, let me explain what it means for you.
this statement “your WAEC result is withheld” means, WAEC noticed something suspicious about your results there by making them to examine your results careful before releasing it for you
When your SSCE result is withheld by the examination body, you can’t confidently say if you passed or failed the same, You don’t know your fate. You’re at a cross-road.
if you’re among those whose WAEC result is with held, do not panic, there’s been cases like this

For instance, the examination body revealed that 215,145 results were withheld in 2021 which represented 13.98 per cent, with this Data, you will know that your not the only candidate in this.

why did WAEC held my WAEC result (reason).
the major reason why WAEC examination board will hold any school or candidates WAEC result is because of examinatoin malpractice.
about ninety percent of held WAEC result is because of examinatoin malpractice.
do you know what constitute examinatoin malpractice in WAEC?, if not, let me explain it to you.

Acts that constitute examinatoin malpractice in WAEC.

A comprehensive list of offences as provided in Council’s Regulations & Syllabuses.

The following, amongst others, constitute examination malpractice in West Africa examination.

Candidates bringing unessential books or cribs into the examination hall, bring text book, note book or jotter into the WAEC examination Hall is an act of examinatoin malpractice and this will put your results in the risk of being held by WAEC examination board.

Insulting or assaulting any examination official especially during the examination.
you have to respect the examination officer even if you are older or any way bigger than the officer, the board of WAEC take the result provided by the officer as a true record of what really happened, if you cooperate with the officer and he/she doesn’t want to leak anything that transpired in the examination Hall, there’s no way the WAEC council will no or make your center as an Examination malpractice center.
Swapping of scripts both question paper and answers scripts in an examination hall.
normally, WAEC expect you to write the examination on your own, swapping of examinatoin scripts in the exam Hall is an act of examinatoin malpractice and this will likely put your WAEC result on held when noticed by the examination officer.
Replacing their answer scripts with another one during or after the examination or submitting the runs scripts.
if by mistake you submits your examination runs scripts ( expo sheets) together with your exam answer scripts, your WAEC result is at a high risk of being held.

Impersonation, writing WAEC examination for another candidate no matter what the reason may be, this is an act of exam malpractice because WAEC expect each and every candidates to write the examination on their own.

Taking part in mass or organised cheating in the examinatoin hall, Any act of cheating in the exam Hall is malpractice, weather it is supported by you school or not,
All those acts that contravene the rules governing the conduct of the examination is termed WAEC examination malpractice and this malpractice is the reason why your WAEC result is held.

what will I do if my WAEC examination Result is withheld?.

the issues of held WAEC result can not be easly solve by one candidate,
if by any way your WAEC examination Result is withheld and you want to get your results, there are some steps to follow.
if you’re a Private candidate sends youy request for an amendment to WAEC directly, but for school candidates, the case is for your principal.
the case of a school candidate it is the principal who makes the request. the principal have to defend the school against the act of malpractice, depending on the effort provided by the school principal, the result will be release but there will be a sign or punishment for All the examination candidates whose Result is withheld, the punishment is that if you happen to score credit in all the subjects, WAEC will find one Subject and reduce the mark for you especially the subject your school is writing the day WAEC syndicate invade your WAEC exam Hall.
the result will be in pass grade, it will no longer be in credit as required.

FAQ about the reason why WAEC held my exam result.

let me answer this questions students ask about held WAEC result, if you have any question, you can as well use the comment section to ask your question, am available to answer your.
why is my WAEC result showing with held?
the primary reason why your WAEC result showing held or withheld is because WAEC noticed an act of examinatoin malpractice in your exam center.
will WAEC release the held results?
probably your held WAEC result will be released in not more than four months.
what will happen to my held WAEC result?
in some cases, you will receive your result save, sounds and excellent but if the case of malpractice in your School is too high, WAEC will reduce the score of all the candidates that has this issue on the subject where they were cut

i didn’t involve in examinatoin malpractice but my WAEC result is held, what should I do?
for a case like this, if you’re pretty sure you didn’t involve yourself in examinatoin malpractice, there’s a chance that you can get your WAEC result save and sound, all you have to do is to send a request or statement to the board director of WAEC or nearest WAEC office in your area, if your request is accepted, you will have to defend your grade by rewriting that particular Subjects that made WAEC officer marks your school as a malpractice center.
if you defend yourself, you will take your results but if you cannot, you have the same fate with other students.

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