Jamb secret code and jamb secret website

jamb secret website.

see the list of main jamb secret website to visit daily if you’re writing UTME examination this year.






UTME will be easy for you if you take the information provided by this three website serious.




this is the official website created by by the management of joint admission and matriculation board,


this website is the main jamb secret website for you as a student.


you can finish your UTME registration in this website without wasting your time going to cyber cafe or asking someone to do it for you.

2.  scholarjoy.com


scholarjoy is a Nigerian based website, that focuses mainly on publishing helpful article to Nigeria students both secondary and university students.


this is the second jamb secret website as you can get all the essential jamb secret information here once the managing board of UTME releases any information.


3. schoolbegginer.com

school beginner is the third jamb secret website currently, it supplies you with information such as, university cut off mark for all subjects, jamb examination syllabus for all universities and requirements for studying in any Nigeria university.


they have over hundred workers that helps in providing this information to you once it is releases by the appropriate board.


other jamb secret websites

here are list of other jamb secret website you should visit to get information about UTME and Post UTME examination.


1. jamb.gov.ng


2. scholarjoy.com


3. schoolbeginner.com


4. utmeofficial.com


5. Unn.edu


6. toppers.com.ng


7. serventboy.com


8. myschool.ng


9. Edustuff.com


10. Examlord.com


what am a going to do with this Jamb secret website?

it will be of great advantage if you can visit this Jamb secret website, they provides you with everything you need about UTME examination, it will be a very difficult task for you to pass UTME with the aid of this websites


here are the main important of this jamb secret websites.


  • they helps to provide you all the information you need about UTME


  • they provides you the syllabus for all subjects you need
  • they help to provides you the real and approved Jamb cut off mark for all the school in Nigeria every season


  • you can check your jamb result in the first website ( jamb.gov.ng) with your smartphone or system without going to the cyber cafe.


  • you can also do you jamb registration online on jamb secret website without going to the cyber.


jamb secret code for you as a student in Nigeria.

there are numerous secret you should know if you’re dreaming of entering into higher institution, to be on the safer side, you have to read this and know the main jamb secret code that will help you to achieve your aim without delay.


jamb secret code all students should know.


this is the secret code all UTME candidates should know in order to enter any university of their choice.


1. you can get admission without writing jamb


2. you can get admission without writing screening


3. you can replace WAEC with NECO and GCE


4. admission into higher school is 40% through connection.


5. WAEC is harder than JAmb


6. jamb runs doesn’t exist


7. jamb repeat past questions


8. jamb cut off mark is not school cut off mark


9. you can’t cheat during exam


10. jamb lessons is not important


11. you can’t write jamb without any knowledge of computer


12 jamb question is something you must have come across in secondary schools


13. you can choose another course if you score low mark


14. you can’t write jamb for somebody.


15. jamb result boasting is not real.


with this secret, you can possibly pass jamb examination and get admission into the university of your choice without much delay.


15 jamb secret code every UTME candidates must know.


this is the fifteen secret code every student who wishes to write jamb must know


thanks you for reading this, I wish you success in your examination.

you can use the comment section to send us massage if you need any help.


Final Note

Every resource you need to pass JAMB can be found on this blog and on JAMB portal (www.jamb.org.ng & www.jamb.gov.ng)

If you follow the secrets and tips I revealed in this article, you are going to see your JAMB result and smile

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