How to check 2022 WAEC result

How to Check  2022 WAEC Result.

Are you among those who wrote WAEC this year? I am glad to tell you that your WAEC result is already out.


Are you looking for a way to check your results? I will show you how to check the 2022 WAEC result using three different reliable methods, both free and non-free.


I am glad to tell you that most WAEC candidates this year performed excellently in their results as the information was provided by WAEC officials.


Let’s continue with the WAEC result checking method.


Below is the step-by-step procedure to follow when checking your 2022 WAEC examination result.


method of checking 2022 exam results.


WAEC has now approved three reliable methods of checking exam results for students, which are:


through WAEC’s official website, through SMS, and through the WAEC result checker app.


How to check the 2022 WAEC results online for free.


How to check 2022 WAEC results online through the WAEC website


This is the step-by-step procedure for checking the 2022 WAEC examination results online.


  • Click on this WAEC result checking website.
  • Enter your WAEC Examination Number (ten digits).

(This is your 7-digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number, e.g., 4123456789).


  • Enter your 8-digit WAEC Examination Number for the 2022 examination year.


(This is your 5-digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number, e.g., 19865001).

Enter the 4 digits of your examination year, e.g., 2022.

  • Select the type of examination
  • Enter your e-PIN Voucher Number here.
  • Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your e-PIN


  • Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up.


This is the main method of checking WAEC results as it’s free and easy. For candidates who are using button phones or those who cannot browse easily, there’s another method of checking WAEC examination results using SMS (SMS method).


This SMS method is also very simple and easy, though it requires a little funding.


How to check 2022 WAEC results using the SMS method.


To check your WAEC result using SMS,


Send SMS in the format below.


To 32327 (MTN, Celtel, and Glo subscribers):

For example,

WAEC *4250101001*123456789012*2007


Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.


Wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS. (SMS only costs N30.)


This message will contain all the information you need about your WAEC result.


This SMS method is the recommended method for checking 2022 WAEC results for those using phones that cannot browse easily or those who can’t browse at all.


The only issue with this one is that it requires 30 naira per SMS you send. Normally, one SMS is enough.


WAEC has also come up with another wonderful method of checking the 2022 WAEC result. They developed an app that now helps students check their WAEC results without stress. The app is stress free as it loads fast just like an ordinary massager app, no add, and it does not require much space on your phone.


This is the third method of checking WAEC results this time.


How to check 2022 WAEC results using the WAEC result checker app.


This is the third method of checking WAEC results. The app is easy to download and use.


I recommend this app just like I recommend the method of checking using WAEC’s official website.


Here is a link where you can download the WAEC result checker app online.

Waec result checker app

On checking your WAEC result using the result checker app,

Here’s the procedure to follow:

Download the app from the playstore or applestore, open it and enter the required details.


Follow the steps we showed you on Method One, as the website is still following the same procedure as the app.

Solution to any issue you may encounter when checking your WAEC result

Students may encounter problems when checking their WAEC results and solutions to those issues.

Among other things, these are the issues some candidates may face when checking their WAEC results and the easy way to solve them.


No Result for this candidate in this specific exam season

This issue is only caused by one reason, which is wrong parameter (wrong input of data). This occurs when you didn’t follow the instructions given to you by WAEC officials.


You can check the solution to this issue here.


There was no record found.


  • outstanding result.

The outstanding result is an error arising from the WAEC. Most of the time, the exam body calls it “the result being processed.”


When this happens, it means that some students have a few of their subjects still being processed due to some issues being resolved.


An outstanding result shows an error when you try to access your grade on the official portal of WAEC.


This means you need not be worried. WAEC will speedily complete the processing to enable all the affected candidates to get their results fully processed and released.


  • held or withheld results.


WAEC may hold or withhold your result if there’s any record of exam malpractice in your exam center.

You can possibly do nothing. You can only stay up to date on the exam body’s final decision by doing the following:


Keep in touch with your school exam officials

Keep in touch with colleagues who are in the same situation as you: your classmates or fellow exam candidates

Keep checking online, especially on WAEC’s official website.

Actually, if you’re pretty sure that your centre didn’t indulge or aid in exam malpractices in the course of the conduct of the exam, you needn’t worry. But the decision lies in the committee report. If your centre is indicted, it’s your principal responsibility to try in any way to save the result. You might have to look forward to the coming year’s exams.




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