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Here are complete success tips for all UTME candidates

Go For JAMB Mock Exam” 🔔

The JAMB mock exam is usually organised a week or two before your main JAMB exam.

And this is done to prepare you on the 3 other JAMB success tips tht we have discussed so far.

👉 past questions

👉 practice CBT

👉 CBT training

1. Most of the JAMB mock questions are drawn (at random) from the previous JAMB questions. This means that you will be exposed to questions which are likely to be repeated in your main JAMB exam.

2. JAMB mock exam will be done with all the features of JAMB CBT including “TIMING”. This will provide with a “safe” environment to test your Time Management Skill.

3. Due to its CBT nature, the JAMB mock exam will also provide you a firsthand experience on how to use the computer for your JAMB exam.

So TIP #13 — if you can, go for JAMB mock exam especially if you haven’t finish reading the past questions, couldn’t go for CBT training or didn’t practice JAMB CBT.

And if you couldn’t go for the JAMB mock exam, do NOT panic. There are no punishments for absentees, just remember to go for your main JAMB exam on your given date.

Make the decision now…

jamb success jamb candidates

Here are the success tips for all jamb candidates.


You have to start as early as possible to Read your book if you want to be successful in JAMB.


This is very important and should not be ignored, in fact, it’s the no 1 jamb Secret and tips. Don’t depend on your school notebooks because they don’t normally cover a wild range of topics, and the teachers that taught you in school are limited by time and everything is rushed up so go to the market and get a good and well explanatory textbook.



You have to set your goal, you must decide what you want and go for it. If you want to get a high score you must aim high. That is, you must aim very high like 300+. it is possible to get it if you follow all our topics and read all our recommendations.



JAMB always follow some syllabus topics in setting up their examination questions and it is advisable that all jamb candidate should study a good number or better still, all of the topics before the D-Day and not rely solely on extra classes or tutorial centres. More so, a great number of people have shared their testimonies about past questions.


Past questions help you with sample JAMB questions and you observe repeated questions that prepare you for your upcoming examination. You can get the 2021 JAMB UTME Examination past questions here on this platform.


More Tips



Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility”.


Studying an Ugo C. Ugo textbook for a chemistry subject as a science student is suicidal to your success in your JAMB examination. Be wise.


Make your own research, use the syllabus, ask your predecessors on which and which textbooks are recommended for all your subjects ad you would see yourself smiling back from the result board.




Please set out a reading and working time frame to study your books, set a timetable for yourself. Like you can read at night from 1 am till 5 am and set your phone to always wake you up when that time comes. I promise you that with this you will smash your Jamb.




Just like intimidation, fear has a way of getting back at us. No matter what you read, that fear in you will always tell you that you will fail. Let me break it down for you like this: F-False, E-Evidence, A-Appearing, R-Real. False Evidence Appearing Real.


Overcoming examination fears can be achieved through studying with more confident students for that particular examination. Studying with close friends may also help overcome fear over time.




Be close to information because without the information you will not have a knowledge of the starting dates or whether it’s has been cancel or not. So we advise you to use the information on this site

Will you be able to go for the JAMB mock exam?.

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