Jamb secret you should know

JAmb secret you should know

Secrets Revealed: Read This before siting for JAmb examination.

JAMB secret, as I have termed it, I will reveal to you in this article.

I have told many UTME candidates that JAMB 2022 will be passed by many, and hence, admission will be very competitive.

In order to increase your chance of gaining admission in 2022, you need to score very high in UTME.


If you have been following my previous JAMB updates, passing JAMB 2022/2022 should not be difficult for you.

In today’s article, I will be revealing to you 7 top secrets to pass JAMB 2022/2022 excellently.


Well, no much stories today. Follow me as I reveal to you powerful JAMB secrets 2022/2022 to pass JAMB without stress.


So, let’s dive straight in.


JAMB Secrets Every UTME Candidate Must Know In 2022

  •  UTME Is Very Simple

The greatest fear of a lot of UTME candidates is entering the CBT examination hall.

This is not surprising as they have been made to believe that UTME is very hard.


This is very WRONG! Honestly, the Unified Tertiary And Matriculation Examination (UTME) is one of the easiest examination I have written in my life.

In fact, I easily scooped 337 in my UTME back in 2018 and you can do even better.


  • jamb is not hard


PS: If you do not prepare for JAMB very well, it will be as difficult as anything.


To other people, UTME is one of the hardest examination they have written.


Some have resat for UTME more than once and still haven’t passed.






This is no big secret anymore as I have revealed everything in this article.


The way you prepare for JAMB will determine what you will score.


Now, you know UTME is very simple.


Putting that in mind, let’s move to the next JAMB secret.

  •  JAMB Repeats Past Questions

Wait! Don’t jump to the next JAMB secret yet!


There is more you need to know about it.


Let me be clear, it’s not what you think.


JAMB repeats past questions, but in a different way.


It is not the old style of repeating exactly the same questions and options like it used to be.


Things have changed!


The examiners now twist the questions in another way that is not as direct as it is in past questions.


Though, they usually still mean the same thing.


Be careful: One MISTAKE some UTME candidate make while preparing for JAMB is mindlessly cramming past questions and answers.


They think they can score above 300 by cramming all the questions and answers.


When they see their JAMB score, they become disappointed.




Three things come to play here.


  1. JAMB repeats past questions (but not as direct as ever).
  2. Some answers are WRONG in the past questions series.
  3. They only CRAMMED, they didn’t understand the concept of each topic.

What is my point here? Don’t CRAM past questions and answers!


Read your textbooks, understand each topic and solve past questions.


Make sure you understand each topic and make reference to your textbooks when you are not sure of an answer.


How To Pass JAMB Using Past Questions THE RIGHT WAY

Now, to the third JAMB secret.


  •  JAMB Recommended Textbooks Will Help You Score Higher

In one of my previous JAMB guides titled, “How to study for JAMB and score above 300“, I emphasized the importance of JAMB recommended textbooks.


In that article, I also covered what I call “The 6 adverbial questions of effective study“. I answered questions like:


What to study

How to study

When to study

Where to study

How often to study

Why to study

Reading is not an enough guarantee to pass JAMB. Even those who failed JAMB also studied.


What you need is effective study techniques to study JAMB recommended textbooks.


JAMB Recommended Textbooks For All Subjects

Below are 3 reasons why you should use JAMB recommended textbooks:


They have been accessed and hence are recommended by JAMB board

JAMB examiners use them to set UTME questions (this is what I have found out from observation)

They cover the whole JAMB syllabus and hence everything you need to read for UTME

The next JAMB secret I have for you is.


  •  JAMB Expo Does Not Exist

It may not sound like a secret to you, but trust me, a lot of UTME candidates don’t know this.


there is no jamb expo


They still go around searching for JAMB expo, JAMB cheat site, JAMB cheat website and all that.


Honestly, JAMB expo is not real.


You can’t get JAMB questions and answers leaked before you examination.


However, I have one indirect but conformed JAMB expo for you. See it below.


So many people people have come to me asking me to give them JAMB expo and pay me.


I reject them!


Think about it: Do you think I rejected them because I don’t like money?


Definitely not! It just doesn’t exist and I’m not in for scamming.


So, all I do it to tell them the complete truth about JAMB expo.


  • JAMB Syllabus Is The Only Expo You Need

Lol, this is very true. This is the only confirmed JAMB expo you will ever find.


In the JAMB syllabus, you will find the list of topics you are requires to cover and the sub-topics.


Once you can cover all these topics, you are good to go.


JAMB is pretty easy as I have revealed in the first JAMB secret in this article.


  • You Cannot Upgrade JAMB Score

Seems like things are getting more critical.


No! I’m just being honest.


Nobody can upgrade your JAMB score because it is not possible.


That is why you need to be very serious while preparing for JAMB.



Best 20 Tricks To Pass JAMB Examination easily.

this is the things you need to do in order to pass your Jamb exam without writing the exam twice.

if you adopt this trick, you will pass JAMB examination easily.


1. Plan or Set a Score Target

2. Study JAMB Syllabus

3. Do Early Preparation

4. Study JAMB Recommended Texts

5. Read JAMB Past Questions

6. Download JAMB CBT Software

7. Read and Understand

8. Read The Novel

9. Learn how to use Computer

10. Study with friends or other candidates

11. Practice Focused Studying

12. Learn Time Control

13. Identify Your Strengths

14. Seek Help For Your Weakness

15. Put In More Hours

16. Enroll in JAMB Coaching

17. Stay Updated on JAMB Information

18. Avoid Exam Fear

19. Eat, Rest Properly

20. Avoid Exam Malpractices

Every resource you need to pass JAMB can be found on this blog and on JAMB portal (www.jamb.org.ng & www.jamb.gov.ng)


If you follow the secrets and tips I revealed in this article, you are going to see your JAMB result and smile.


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