How to score high mark in the use of English ( JAMB and WAEC solution )

How to score high Mark in the use of English ( JAMB and WAEC )

Use of English is one of the deadliest weapons JAMB has used all these years to steal precious points from the scores of Medical aspirants and sadly, aspirants don’t pay enough attention to this very important package from JAMB, they prefer to “jack Physics & Chemistry” neglecting almighty USE OF ENGLISH.




Believe me, this is one subject that can fetch you free marks if only you can study it with all diligence. Like you may have noticed, those candidates that get 320+ always have a GOOD – VERY GOOD score in their use of English; a fair score is not good enough unless you really blasted Phy, Chem & Bio.

IT’S ALL ABOUT WORDS: Believe it or not, every question you will see in your Use of English are formed from the words A-Z. I remember when I wrote my second JAMB in 2015 (after the first one jammed me seriously) I had to get the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY to study English for myself all afresh, like it seemed to me that all we did in secondary school was thrash because how could I not know 90% of the words in the lexis and structure section – how could I be seeing some words for the first time in my entire life. I didn’t even know what was going on in the stress section. My English was egregious, brethren.

See guys, to be honest with you, spoken English in Nigeria is absolute thrash and a thousand miles away from standard English. Only very minute percentage of educated people in Nigeria speak standard English language and so don’t commit that costly mistake of saying you know English to standard – “no be ordinary English?” as we normally say.


UTME is perhaps the most dreaded exams in Nigeria – you don’t just wake up and attempt it like you did in Primary 1, if you do, JAMB will pay you back with a humbling score and steal one year from your life. That’s how serious it is, and it’s even more serious for Med/Surg aspirants considering the fervent competition.


Questions from the novel are more like bonus questions and you shouldn’t even think of attempting to fail one, talk more of failing one. Don’t do that!


The goal is to get 100% in use of English and so those 10 or thereabout oral questions must be tackled sedulously. You must know that the word “southern” is pronounced /ˈsʌðən/ and not /saʊten/ like we call it in Nigeria. You must know that the stress in the word Indefatigable is on the -fa- syllable, as in In-de-FA-tig-a-ble. Orals is where most candidates perform so poorly because you are tested firmly on how well you can pronounce words the British style and like we know so well already, Nigerians have a not so outstanding pronunciation of English words.



This is where you meet all those “tough” words displayed before you as synonyms or antonyms or phrasal verbs or most accurate word to fill in the gap or any of such things..

Those who had read a lot of good books/papers/journals/excellent novels back in secondary school don’t usually have a lot of issues with this section because it is here your knowledge of words is seriously tested and such people must have acquired a certain level of mastery of English diction from all those books they had read. But for you, my brothers and sisters who didn’t do much intentional extracurricular reading at secondary school, I’m sorry but you’ll have to study your dictionary everyday, scan the pages, seek out those beautiful idioms and phrasal verbs, find 10 new words everyday, study their usage, know them, it’s tasking I know but 43/100 in English is all the more tasking, my dear.

JAMB Marking Scheme for Use of English

Sentence interpretation questions – 2 marks each.

Antonyms questions – 2 marks each.

Synonyms questions – 1 mark each.

Sentence completion questions – 1 mark each.

FAQ on how to score high Mark in the use of English ( WAEC and jamb )

How many questions is there in jamb use of English?

ENGLISH LANGUAGE now has just 60 questions. While other subjects like: mathematics, Economics, CRS, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, government, Arabic, religion, literature in English, will have only 40 question.

Which of this Examination is harder

WAEC or JAmb.

Waec is harder than JAmb if there’s no help from external environment.


TACKLING COMPREHENSION AND CLOZE TEST COMING SOON! Don’t be afraid to answer them in your UTME, WAEC or NECO examination.


COMMENT below if you need additional guide on how you can score 90 in the use of English on JAMB, WAEC or NECO.Thank you for reading, check the other post below.


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