How to pass JAMB without studying hard

How to pass JAMB without studying hard

Welcome to the latest jamb news update. Today we’ll be taking a look at How to Easily Pass Jamb in 2022 without stress, the easiest way to pass jamb without studying hard or cheating.

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how can I pass jamb? when will I finally pass jamb? Is it possible to pass jamb? these are few questions jambites ask in their quest to pass jamb. Read along as I show you how to pass jamb in 2022 once and for all and without much stress.


actually, Jamb examination is one of the hardest exam facing some students currently, jamb is not too hard as you thought but the problem is that you lack the fundamental knowledge of how to pass jamb without studying hard.


to pass jamb examination, you don’t need to worry yourself with much stress, you can easily pass jamb without studying hard



just like waec and NECO, jamb is an ordinary examination, it’s really a big deal for young students that just graduates from secondary School.

actually you have to study whenever you are preparing for any examination but in jamb, there are numerous things that contributes to your success not only reading.


if you really want to pass jamb without studying hard, here are the basic guide you should follow to obtain a High result in your jamb without studying hard

How to pass jamb without studying in 2022

to be honest, you can not pass your UTME exam without reading and preparing for the exam.

here are the basic guide to follow if you want to pass Jamb examination with ease.

1. prepare on time

2. make use of time table

3. get a mentor

4. choose the perfect course

5. be around the information

6. utilise your time properly

7. avoid distraction

8. know your capability.


  • prepare on time.

if you really want to pass any examination not only jamb, you have to prepare on time.

jamb preparation is of many types now, there are numerous things that you have to put in place before thinking of sitting for jamb examination.

currently, the federal government made it a compulsory that any jamb registrant must have a national identity card for additional verification, if you are preparing for jamb, this is one of the major things you should put in place before sitting down to read your books.

the second preparation and also the primary preparation for jamb is reading your book.

Can I pass jamb without studying hard?

another thing you should do if you want to pass Jamb without studying hard is to get a mentor.


  • get a mentor.

if you’re looking for a way to pass jamb without studying hard, get a mentor or seek for advice from experienced ones, your mentor or the experienced one you are seeking for an advice from will enlighten you on the key guide for jamb preparation.

your mentor will help you to make a perfect decision, he will assist you in the best studying method you have to follow, an experienced one will guide on choosing a perfect course of study according to your capability.

your mentor will help you in enlightening you on the kinds of books to buy whether text book or past questions.

if you really want to pass jamb without studying hard, look for a mentor or seek for advice from experienced ones it will help you slot.


another thing that helps students to pass any examination without studying hard is the use of syllable and timetable

  • make use of time table.


if you are really serious in your jamb examination preparation, you should make a proper use of the jamb syllable and your timetable.


jamb syllable for 2022 is already out now, if you have a time table and you’re serious enough in your jamb preparation, you can download the time syllable online and try to cover the scheme in the syllable before the examination.

Time table is one of the major things that will help you to pass jamb examination without studying hard.

create a time table for yourself and perfectly specify the time you have to reach each of those four subjects that you’re writing in jamb.

when creating a time table, you have to allocate an extra time for house chores and other mini things that will consume your Time.


  • perfectly twist your subjects.


you know that subjects that You’re calling your best subjects, you know the one which you don’t like which is very hard for you to understand.

if you really want to score High in JAMB, pick a course that only contains your favourite subjects.


a student that’s poor in mathematics and physics should not put any course that involves engineering as this two subjects is the key subjects in engineering.

you can pass jamb without studying is you twist your subjects well and perfectly choose the course which you’re already getting along with.


  • avoid distraction and know your capability.

if you’re preparing for JAMB examination, avoid anything that gives you distraction, minimize the time you spend in any other things you do aside studying,

know your capability and run the race according to your strength, don’t follow the influence of friends and choose a course that you can’t get admission even for a five years.



to pass jamb without studying, it’s really hard except only if you’re a genius and choose a low course.

you easily pass jamb without studying hard if you follow these basic guide which I just gave you above.


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