How can I block loan apps from sending message to my contacts?

how can I stop a loan app from sending massage to my contacts?


this issue of loan app disgracing their customers due to simple transaction problem is getting out of hand.

it’s no More a new story that loan app keep treating their customers, sending massage to all the victims contact and even calling all your relatives telling them that you’re are fraudster or that borrowed money from them and refuse to pay back.


here are some of the victims that shared their terrible experience with the loan app over a simple transaction issue.

From madam Rebecca

This is happening to me right now…truenaira are on my neck to pay i no nothing about they are even calling and sending threats messages to my contacts saying they will post our pictures on social media…that am a thief and am being wanted by police…truenaira,xcredit,ncash,kashkash…my phone was stolen and the person uses my my phone my Sim to collect loan from them,,before i did welcome back…please help us please this company needs to be ban for Good

Looking at this statement, you will found out that the woman is currently going through a lot

From anonymous

needed money to buy drugs for my sick sister that is hospitalized and money wasn’t coming in immediately, so I got a message from a Loan app Deloan that I have a loan offer, so I downloaded the app and registered and applied 7days later an agent contacted me for payment I pleaded with him to hold on that i will be making the payment soon and he started abusing me and calling me all sorts of names that my payment is due and will expire by 12 noon meanwhile my payment was due that same day, when I didn’t meet up he kept insulting and threatening and gave me till 3pm and after 3pm he started calling my contacts and sending messages even after pleading he still went ahead to do that, I decided that I won’t pay, it was still my due date and already they were reaching out to contacts to tarnish my image along side with my picture which is against their privacy policy as well, the next day another agent started insulting me and cursing me and my family and my generations that it will never be well with us and my generations will suffer and die, is all these necessary? Even called me a thief and that I will live my life to keep borrowing money till I die and then went ahead to send my details including my bvn to contacts as well as my pictures. This is very wrong on every level and they still expect me to pay after doing all these. Deloan company should just be shut down permanently they are silent killers.

To save yourself from this trauma, you need to block loan app from accessing your contact

how can I stop loan app from accessing my contacts?

there is an easy way you can stop this loan app from accessing your contact or sending massage to your relatives or contacts

1. open your phone settings app

2. find the area that shows app and notification

3. click on app permission or app management

4. find the apps that have permission to access your contact

5. remove the loan app that you wish to remove

actually this method work for both Android phone and iPhone,

with this, you have completely blocked the app from accessing your contact.

if you’re owing them any money, pay it to avoid seeing their next step.

they will post your pictures online and tag you as a fraudster or even get a well design obituary poster for you.

the best thing is to pay back the loan and have a peace of mind.

here are some of the questions people ask regarding to owing money to the loan app.


can I be arrested for not paying a loan a borrowed from a loan app?

You can be arrested if they find out that you’re really a fraudulent client

can I pay my loan after the due date?

Fortunately, you can pay a loan borrowed from a loan app Even after the due date but that’s not the best option,

They will increase your interest rate with a lot of disturbance

what’s the best loan app in Nigeria?

Here are the list of the top ten loan app in Nigeria that are registered under the CBN banking rules

can a loan app extort money that am not owing them from my bank account?

The fact is, a legit or verified loan app will not remove money from your bank if you’re not owing them

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